BugBase Docs


The Settings let the Hacker improve their experience and modify profile details.
Your profile is how you look to other hackers on the platform. Feel free to make it funky with your custom profile pictures and an exquisite and unique bio.
The hacker can choose to list all their socials or work completely under a pseudonym (still need to verify KYC though).
The Settings menu also lists out the email alias and basic instructions on how it works.


We love our security and hope that the hacker's account remains super secure as well.
A good leap towards account security is using a strong password, or even better a passphrase.
We suggest hackers to refer to best password/passphrase practices and set passwords that are not easy to crack/guess.

Deleting Account

All sensitive data from your account can be removed from BugBase by deleting your account.
This is an Irreversible process and will delete all account data permanently