BugBase Docs

Hacker Dashboard

Logged in Successfully!
After logging in successfully, the hacker dashboard is the first thing that a hacker sees.
It consists of 4 panes and 4 buttons which help the hacker navigate through the portal

Your Recent Bug Reports

This pane shows your bug reports so you can keep a track of their status and access them quickly.

Your Activity

This pane is meant to present an infographic which depicts how active a hacker is on the platform and how much bounty they are earning.


This small tile shows your profile with the most prominent aspects.
It displays your Global Rank, Number of submitted reports, Reputation on the platform and success rate of submitted reports.

Invited Private Programs

This pane is made to notify the hacker about any invitations that they have received from private bug bounty programs.
They can quickly access those invites and follow the steps required.
<Insert pic of a non-empty Invited private programs pane>


The buttons present on the hacker dashboard allow a hacker to make a beeline to their desired destination i.e. docs, profile, leaderboard or browsing public programs("Start Hacking")